Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructure
Our Infrastructure
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructures
Our Infrastructure
Our Infrastructure
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Turbine Blower
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Steam Turbine
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Industrial Turbine Blowers
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Industrial Turbines
Industrial Turbine
Industrial Turbine
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Turbine Components
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Turbine Blowers
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Industrial Thermal Turbine
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An ISO 9001: 2008 company, offering a wide range of products and services in the segment of power plants (CPP, IPP) and various other process industries that have the requirement of steam in their processes....

Know Us

With the motto to aid the Power Generation Utilities in India, Ensol Energy (P.) Ltd. was incepted in 2002. In the beginning, we endeavoured to manufacture critical components for imported Turbines such as Bearings, Valve Stems, Moving Blades, Packing Rings, Seats etc. The main reason behind this endeavour was the immoderately high cost of such imported parts and also that no utilities were present to undertake all-inclusive maintenance projects.

We do take pride in announcing our strength of taking the projects on Turnkey Basis (Consulting & EPC), setting up the power plants in the Power range of 1 MW to 500 MW by means of Engineering, Procurement and Construction from the concept to commissioning.

We manufactured all the required components and supplied these to various utilities that too at extremely lower price as compared to the OEM cost. This enabled various utilities to effortlessly undertake thorough maintenance contracts for improving the efficiency as well as performance of the Power Generating Units.

At present, we are well known manufacturer and service provider in the realm of Power Generation and various industries. Our product range includes Condensing Turbines, Boilers, Steam Turbines and Thermal Power Plant. Also, we offer various services such as Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of Power plants, Consultancy & EPC of Power Plants, Testing & Commissioning, amongst others.

We are managed by a professional team of power and electrical engineers, who are well trained from the globally recognized companies. All of them have over two decades of experience in the domain of designing, engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing, commissioning, operation & maintenance, repairs, & trouble shooting, etc, of power plants and other related industries. They also keep themselves abreast with the latest Engineering Practices and Repair Solutions.

Our Activities

In the past 8 years, Ensol Energy (P.) Ltd. has diversified its business into various products / services, with the central focus on Power Sector. We possess various modern facilities that allow us to service our clients quickly, according to their specific needs and requirements. All our business activities can be summed as follows:

  • EPC With New Machines
  • EPC With Used Machines
  • Re condition And Overhaul
  • Refurbishment
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Governing Solution
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Modernization
  • Supply, Erection & Commissioning Of Turbines and Boilers

As a part of these activities, we do following:

  • Provide manpower and services for operation & maintenance of Biomass & Coal based Thermal power plants up to 50 MW capacity
  • Provide services for installation, erection & commissioning of all types of Steam Turbines & Boilers complete with steam piping with electrical & instrumentation work.
  • Supply used and new Steam Turbine Generating set up to 30 MW, Boiler & other accessories on competitive rate for power plant and other related industries.
  • Undertake RLA Studies including Borosinic Inspection of Rotor Bores and Electrical Testing, owing to its strong Reverse Engineering capabilities
  • Undertake all kinds of repairs like machining including re-winding works, etc.

Products Offered

Leveraging on our team of experienced, talented and internationally trained power engineers, we are manufacturing and offering a wide range of products to our customers. These products are:

  • Condensing Turbines
  • Boilers
  • Steam Turbines
  • Thermal Power Plant

In addition, with our Engineering Capabilities, we undertake turnkey projects for Power Plant engineering, which includes process, mechanical, civil, electrical and I&C disciplines.

Services Offered

To meet the requirements of Power Generation Utilities and similar industries, we are offering a pool of world class efficient services to our customers. These services are strictly according to the requirements of customers and are in absolute compliance with the industry standards as well as innovations. We are offering following services:

  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of Power plants
  • Consultancy & EPC of Power Plants
    • EPC = Design > Engineering > Procurement > Project Management > Construction & Erection > Testing & Commissioning
  • Refurbishment, up gradation, modification & overhauling of old Steam Turbines & Boilers.

Furthermore, we also do following:

  • Supply of Steam Turbine & Boiler
  • Supply of Spares

Our Facilities and Tie-ups

To ensure 100% success rate in all our endeavors, we have developed state-of-the-art facilities in our premises. With the assistance of these facilities, we are offering comprehensive solutions in the ambit of power industry. Owing to our modern facilities, we have manufacture Critical Turbine Components including 22” Long Twisted Profile Turbine Buckets. To ensure that our customers get exactly what they desire, we have made various strategic tie ups with a number of established and reliable companies. A brief of our tie ups is as follows:

  • We have tie-up for Steam Turbine, Boilers & other related machineries with the leading & reputed manufacturers of India & abroad.
  • We have official tie ups with well renowned Turbine, Boiler, Cooling Tower and DM/RO Plant manufactures in the country and abroad.
  • We have official tie-up with manufacturers of electronic, Hydro mechanical Governors, Electric Actuators and Hydro Electric Actuators.
  • We have official tie-up with hardware suppliers, who are the leaders both nationally and internationally.

Our Commitment To Quality

It is our commitment to international quality standards that has fetched us the prestigious certification of ISO 9001: 2008. All our business activities are carried out as per this international standards and this ensures that we sustain our eminent position in the industry. To ensure the absolute quality of our services / products, carry out the processes of system engineering, installation, commissioning and software development in-house. Furthermore, we also boast of maintaining the best quality standards in our strength, which resides in:

  • Taking turnkey projects (Consulting & EPC)
  • Setting up the power plants in the Power range of 1 MW to 30 MW by means of engineering, procurement and construction from the concept to commissioning.

Owing to our commitment to quality, we have acquired the trust and confidence of our customers. Also, for fulfillment of our company's requirements, we are regularly consulted by utilities for different technical issues.

Our Management Structure And Present Projects

We offer all the products and services with the support of our personnel. They are some of the highly experienced engineers and other technocrats in the power sector. Our engineers are trained abroad particularly on the domain of our business. All of them are continuously supervised by the higher management, which includes:

S.No. Contact Person Designation Contact No.
1. Mr. Uday M. Jha Managing Director +91-9811639300,
2. Mr. Binod Prasad Vice President +91-9540020510
3. Mr. Satish Anand General
Manager- Marketing
4. Mr. Arvind Chaudhary General Manager- O&M +91-9540020516
5. Mr. Nishad Bantth Manager- HR/ Admin +91-9540020520
6. Mr. Chandra M Jha Manager- Accounts +91-9540020522
7. Mr. Tarsem Singh General Manager- Works +91-9540020524
8. Mr. S K Srivastava Sr. Engineer- Sales & Service +91-9540020513
9. Mr. M R Rana Manager- Works +91-9540020512

Owing to the support and guidance of our management personnel, we have acquired success in undertaking and fulfilling various projects. A brief of our present projects is as follows:

  • MCSPL (Maa Chinnamastika Steels Pvt. Ltd.), Purulia (W.B.), 12 MW Power Plant
  • Maithan Power & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Guwahati 15 MW Power Plant
  • Deepak Steel & Power Ltd., Barbil (Orissa), 10 MW Power Plant
  • Amrit Environmental Pvt. Ltd., Kotputli (Rajasthan), 8 MW Power Plant
  • Anand Distillery Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur, 1.2 MW Power Plant
  • Gwallier Distillers, Gwalior, 3.5 MW Power Plant
  • Shivalik Power & Steel Pvt. Ltd., Raipur, 8.0 MW Power Plant
  • Himadri Chemicals, Singur. 12 MW Power Plant
  • Deegee Cotsyn, Maharashtra. 8 MW Power Plant
  • Kamal Sponge Iron & Power Ltd, M.P., 12 MW Power Plant
  • SLT Power Ltd., Hyderabad, 5 MW Power Plant
  • Vikas Metal & Power (P) Ltd., Asansol, 12 MW Power Plant

Our Major Clients

For each of our business activity viz EPC With New Machines, EPC With Used Machines, Re condition And Overhaul, Refurbishment, Operation and Maintenance, etc., we have acquired a separate group of clients. All of them are highly prestigious names in their specific field of work. Few of our major clients are mentioned below, on the basis of type of services:

  • Operation & Maintenance of Following Power Plants at present:


Client's Company



MCSPL (Maa Chinnamastika Steels Pvt. Ltd.), Purulia (W.B.)

12 MW Power Plant.


Maithan Power & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Guwahati

15 MW Power Plant.


Deepak Steel & Power Ltd., Barbil (Orissa)

10 MW Power Plant.


Amrit Envoirnmental Pvt. Ltd., Kotputli (Rajasthan)

8 MW Power Plant.


Anand Distillery Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur

1.2 MW Power Plant.

  • Consultancy & EPC Projects


Client's Company



Durga Papers Pvt. Ltd.

3 MW Power Plant


Ganga Mai Industries Pvt. Ltd.

1 MW Power Plant

  • Steam Turbine & Boiler Projects


Client's Company



Rewa Kripa Sugar Mill, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Supply of 2000KW Steam Turbine upto commissioning.


Indra Sugar Pvt. Ltd., Nepal

Supply of 2.5 MW Steam Turbine up to Commissioning.


Haryana Organics Ltd., Panipat

Supply of 2.5 MW Turbine.


Daya Sugar Pvt. Ltd., Saharanpur (U.P.)

Supply of 22 TPH / 45Kg Boiler up to Commissioning.


Ghanshyam Sugar, Lakhimpur Khiri

Supply of 1 MW Steam Turbine

Some of our other clients are as follows:

S. No.

Client Name & Address

Scope of Work


M/s Maithan Power & Alloys Ltd. Byrnihat, Guwahati

Operation & Maintenance of 15 MW Power Plant


M/s Ma Chhinnamastika Steel & Power Ltd., Distt. Purulia (W.B.)

Operation & Maintenance of 12 MW Power Plant


M/s Deepak Steel & Power Ltd., Distt. Barbil (Orissa)

Operation & Maintenance of 10 MW Power Plant


M/s Gwalior Distillers Ltd., Gwalior (M.P.)

Operation & Maintenance of 3.0 MW Power Plant


M/s Amrit Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Kotputli (Rajasthan)

Operation & Maintenance of 8 MW Power Plant


M/s Anand Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. Amravati (Maharashtra)

Operation & Maintenance of 1.2 MW Power Plant


M/s Hasan Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Distt. Muzzafarnagar (U.P.)

EPC of 12 MW Captive Power Plant


M/s Sri Sai Power Engineers & Services, Hyderabad

Erection & Commissioning of 70 TPH Boiler, ESP & Feed Feeding System


M/s Daya Sugar, Distt. Saharanpur (U.P.)

Supply of 1 No. 22 TPH Boiler with Erection & Commissioning


M/s Gangamai Industries & Construction Ltd., Distt. Aurangabad (Maharastra)

EPC Of 1.0 MW Captive Power Plant


M/s Durga Paper Mills, Distt. Kathua  (J & K)

EPC Of 3.0 MW Captive Power Plant


M/s Manganga SSK Ltd., Distt. Sangli (Maharastra)

Design, Supply, Retrofitting, Erection & Commissioning of 1000 HP Steam Turbine


M/s Sir Shadilal Distillery & Chemical Works, New Delhi

Overhauling, Erection & Commissioning of 2.5 MW TG Set & Annual Maintenance Contract of all Turbines in Group


M/s Anand Agrochem India Ltd., Distt. Aligarh (U.P.)

Automation of 65 TPH Boiler


M/s Reva Kripa Sugar, Jabalpur (M.P.)

Supply of 3.0 MW Turbine with Retrofitting, Erection & Commissioning


M/s Indira Sugar, Nepal

Supply of 2.5 MW Turbine with Retrofitting, Erection & Commissioning


M/s South Asia Power Ltd., Chhattisgarh

Complete Re-engineering / Assembly / Erection / Commissioning of 12 MW Imported Turbine in CKD condition without OEM Support & maintaining all protocols


M/s Lahiri Power Ltd., Chhattisgarh

Complete Re-engineering / Assembly / Erection / Commissioning of 12 MW Imported Turbine in CKD condition without OEM Support & maintaining all protocols. Complete engineering of Electrical Evacuation.


Palwal Co-operative Sugar, Palwal (Haryana)

Modification of Wet Scrubber in Boiler


Aman Paper Mill, Jammu.

Annual Maintenance Contract of 2.0 MW Power Plant


Garg Duplex Paper Mill, Muzzafarnagar (U.P.)

Annual Maintenance Contract of 6.0 MW Power Plant


M/s Anand Duplex Paper Mill, Meerut (U.P.)

Annual Maintenance Contract of 3.0 MW Power Plant


Everest Sugar Mill, Nepal

Supply of 3.0 MW Turbine Spares & Annual Maintenance Contract of 3.0 MW Power Plant


Indu Shankar Sugar Mill, Nepal

Supply of 2.0 MW Turbine Spares & Annual Maintenance Contract of 2.0 MW Power Plant


Mukteshwar Sugar Ltd.

Supply of 3.0 MW Steam Turbine


Sharad SSK Ltd.

Supply of BD2 3.0 MW Steam Turbine


Vidharva Sugar Ltd, Amravati

Ready to supply of 5.0 MW Condensing Steam Turbine, after E&C ready for O&M.


SLT Power Ltd., Hyderabad

Operation & Maintenance of 4.0 MW Power Plant


Himadri Chemicals, Singur, WB

Operation & Maintenance of 8.0 MW Power Plant


Marino Industries Limited, Hapur (U.P)

We already mobilized the site and ready for Operation & Maintenance of 2.3 MW Power Plant


Shivalik Power & Steel Limited

Re-refurbishment, Modification and repairing off all the major part of the Turbine and E & C and O & M of 8 MW Turbine


Deegee Cotsyn Pvt. Ltd

Operation & Maintenance of 4 MW Power Plant


Predominant Engineering & Construction P Ltd

Erection & Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance of 26 MW & 12.5 MW Power Plant


Sova Ispat Ltd

Erection & Commissioning of 15 MW Power Plant


Sharad SSk Ltd,, Maharashtra

Supply of 3 MW STG Set, up to Commissioning

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